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I believe that salt is to food, what food is to life. In right proportions, it can heighten the taste of what you eat..and in the wrong - destroy! Even the most delicious sweets come added with some salt...to taste!

As for me, I've never enjoyed cooking. And as contrary to my owning a food-blog as it may sound, I always think about daily, routine cooking as a chore. But my tryst with the pots and pans began when I got a kitchen all to myself...I began experimenting and exploring new worlds in my own home. Some outcomes were excellent and some plain disasters. Then sprouted the need to keep track of all those good ones...and hence this blog!

Here, I share those experiments that pleased more than one palate!

November 2, 2011

Creamy Mushroom Farfalle with Steamed Veggies

Ever come across a moment in life that changes the way you see a certain thing, person or sometimes even a situation? Among other larger such 'moments-of-change', to me is hidden this one moment that revolutionized the way I saw a little button of a thing - Mushroom. And, such was the theme for last month's Free-Spirit Bloggers. It was chosen by none other than Anupama of Love and Lentils

Anupama challenged us to pick out a food/ingredient that we steer clear of. Something we've never liked as a child or even as a grown up and cook with it. Not to forget she asked us to have fun doing so. Here's my story keeping in mind this wonderfully challenging theme.

It would seem normal for a pure vegetarian to state he or she did not like mushrooms because of its taste and texture. But for me, being a meat-eater did nothing towards how I saw mushrooms until very recently. I must thank my very close pal, V, for introducing me to this way of cooking mushrooms. V found this recipe in some cookbook, apparently. Now, there's almost nothing to hate and everything to love when I think of mushrooms.

I love pasta, but I never for once imagined it would gain a new dimension of taste when you throw is a dash (or more, ahem!) of cream and mushrooms. I was so in love with it the day I ate it and now, I make it for lunch at least once a week (cutting back on the cream of course!). I must add my son loves this as much as I do. So, all you moms looking for a fresh new perspective on pasta - This is IT!

What's even more awesome is that you can club this with a side of fresh steamed veggies and voila what do you have? Creamy Mushroom Farfalle with Steamed Veggies!!

Pasta leaves me stumped when it comes to showing off its ability to adapt and absorb any flavour you toss it in. And this recipe is a winner, hands down. In fact, if you love mushrooms, but not pasta you GOTTA TRY THIS. You will come back to me and thank me, telling me this was your 'moment-of-change'.

1.5 Cups cooked Farfalle/bowtie pasta (Here's how to cook pasta)
1 Cup sliced button mushrooms
1 tsp crushed garlic
1 tbsp Unsalted butter (optional)
1/4 Cup Cream (Use more if you're feeling indulgent)
Steamed veggies (Your choice of vegetables; Optional)
1 tsp ground pepper
Grated Parmesan cheese(Optional; I've not used it here)
And, of course, some salt to taste

- In a non-stick saucepan, heat butter until melted
- Add crushed garlic and stir a few seconds
- Add sliced mushrooms and stir 
- Lower flame, cover and allow mushrooms to cook; About 3 minutes, stirring occasionally
- Pour cream and allow to barely come to a boil
- Toss in cooked farfalle pasta and stir until it is well coated with the creamy mushroom sauce
- Transfer to serving plate, sprinkle pepper and grated Parmesan cheese
- Serve hot along with a side of steamed vegetables


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  1. Wonderful creamy farfalle, lovely spread..

  2. wow wat a delicious n yummy farfelle,that to with steamed vegetable...really a wonderful treat,thanks for the recipe...

  3. I too love to make pasta with white and mushrooms this way... just for me (Hubby doesnt eat mushrooms ) :D
    Krithi's Kitchen
    Event: Serve It - Savory Baked

  4. I love both mushrooms n pasta n ofcourse this combination..wonderful

  5. Hey! as u mentioned i do come into the category of 'love mushrooms but not pastas'. And i shall try this out very soon! The farfalle looks great! Thanks for the recipe! Will make some and get back!