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I believe that salt is to food, what food is to life. In right proportions, it can heighten the taste of what you eat..and in the wrong - destroy! Even the most delicious sweets come added with some salt...to taste!

As for me, I've never enjoyed cooking. And as contrary to my owning a food-blog as it may sound, I always think about daily, routine cooking as a chore. But my tryst with the pots and pans began when I got a kitchen all to myself...I began experimenting and exploring new worlds in my own home. Some outcomes were excellent and some plain disasters. Then sprouted the need to keep track of all those good ones...and hence this blog!

Here, I share those experiments that pleased more than one palate!

July 19, 2011

Free-spirit Bloggers

This post has been long pending. Nearly 3 months up, really. Too bad I did not have time to do justice to this elite group I've been a part of, and enjoying every bit of it.

So, if you're already not aware of us, we are the Free-Spirit Bloggers (FSB). Who? Well, eight food bloggers whom Madhuri Kumar decided on putting together into a closed group dedicated to one soul purpose - Having fun with food!

Just another monotonous day was in progress for me, when Madhuri pinged me and told me about this brilliant idea she had. We make a group of food bloggers and every month each of us pick a theme and cook up together! That made my day - Sounded to me like great fun and most certainly so to the other well established bloggers we have on board today, too. Who are they? Here you go! (In no particular order or preference)

1. Madhuri Kumar (Mads)- My school-mate and a very, very good friend. Social networking and blogging brought us back in touch and now we've come to times where we cannot pass a day without chatting with each other and fueling one another with the craziest of ideas...oh and yes, not to mention, sharing the same wave-length, too. To be very honest, she's the one to get the food-blogger in me all fired up - My inspiration!

2. Siri Pulipaka - I'd been seeing her name on blogosphere for the longest time. Got to know her once we formed FSB. She's recently moved to Bangalore from the US and has the company of Madhuri. I am SO J of you two!

3. Dhivya Karthik (DK)- The stalwart blogger in the food-blogging arena. I've been reading her recipes and posts ever since I started blogging, and she certainly rocks!

4. Anupama Gobalan (Anu)- Another blogger who I'd come across time and again, but go to know better after FSB came into the picture. She writes amazingly well. So it simply goes without saying that her recipes are very easy to follow - She'll take you every step of the way like a baby. With pictures to leave you drooling like a baby at the end of it all, too!

5. Nagalakshmi Viswanathan (Nags)- An experienced blogger and photographer based out of Singapura. Just take a look at what she has on her blog. I need not say another word then on.

6. Lata Raja (Lataji)- The sweetest person you'd ever meet. At least in my case, virtually. It's amazing how she delivers thing way ahead of time. Enthusiastic and charming. That's Lataji for you!

7. Mridhu Mohan (Mittu) -  The newbie blogger on the block. She's certainly an amazing cook and that she's on FSB just proves it all, again and again!

8. Deepti Pawar - Well, well! You know who this is.

So, finally I have some place where I can lead you all to when I talk about FSB on my blog. I do hope you all enjoy the ride as much as us. Loads of interesing recipes coming your way. So, stay hooked!


  1. I have loved all FSB posts. Looking forward for some from you :)

  2. aawww...Deepti, that was lovely from you!I am very happy to have been associated with all of you through the FSB. Hope it will be outside the blogs sometime too!

  3. Awww, this is so sweeeet. Come here you, let me give you a tight hug till you start choking :)

    Just as much you loved FSB, I love you all for being such good sports and riding along with me. It has been a scintillating journey so far and I couldn't have asked for more. With each month, I only look forward to more fun in the kitchen with you guys :)